Denim Balm by Damn Good Soap Co.

Denim Balm by Damn Good Soap Co.


Did you know that we all wash our jeans way too much? Keep the life of your favorite jeans long and prosperous with Damn Good Soap Co.'s Denim Balm!


The Denim Balm formula contains a mix of essential oils will make your denim smell awesome again, no matter what you did while wearing it. 


The fatty formula prevents the fibers from completely drying out and breaking. Sure, you want that awesome wear in your jeans, but you don’t want to it to fall apart before you’re good and well ready.


You're used to rubbing your life into your jeans, you know it needs this to get that awesome look but also to protect it from unwanted stuff getting stuck in the denim fibers. Denim Balm can help you with that.

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