Black Badger Shave Brush, Marbled Ivory Handle

Black Badger Shave Brush, Marbled Ivory Handle


Shaving Brushes by Parker Safety Razor are hand-made using only the finest materials. From boar bristles to the finest silver-tip badger hair, this line includes a quality shaving brush for every discriminating wet shaver.

Parker brushes are available in Pure Badger, Silvertip Badger, Black Badger, Boar, and Synthetic grades.  

This brush available through Portland Shave Shop is a black badger bristle brush with marbled ivory handle.

Black Badger Brushes are the stiffest badger grade. They hold large quantities of water and create an excellent lather. Many wet shavers
prefer black badger brushes because of their exfoliating properties. We do not recommend this brush for those with sensitive skin.

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