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Eric "Hair Jordan" Tolento


PNW born and raised Hair Stylist/Entrepreneur
Quick facts:
Youngest of 5 ( 4 sisters )
Race: Human Being
Height: 5'12"
39" vertical
Father to 2 beastly canines, Duke and Tido

I believe my versatility and attention to detail are my biggest assets as a hair stylist. Simply, I like to believe I just speak hair! My favorite haircuts to perform are creative cuts, with or without a design integrated (But let's be real, spring for the design and let me wow you!).  If you want me to do my best work, just sit down in my chair and say, "Work your magic!"

If I'm not making a mess and putting hair on the floor, I'm most likely in the gym, hanging out with family, or cutting hair because I just don't stop :)

2018 goals:
Gain shear/clipper sponsorship
Launch hair/skin line
Open barber/salon community

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Sarah adams



Bio coming soon.