Bona Fide Pomade, Brand Profile

Portland Shave Shop isn’t just a shaving and beard supply store; we are a full-service barbershop with everything you need to keep you looking and feeling your best. You take time to tend to your skin every day, but what are you doing about that magnificent mane? If getting the right haircut is the first most important step to having a great look, having the right hair product and knowing how to use it is the second.

Enter Bona Fide Pomade.

What is Bona Fide Pomade?

Bona Fide makes killer hairstyling products including pomades, sprays, combs, and more. They are also a really solid group of hard working people right here on the Best Coast! They started in 2012 with a single product offering, the “Superior Hold” pomade, and have since expanded to include products for all kinds of hair types and styles. What we love about them is their understated authority: their brand is clean and well-managed (just like your hair should be), without any over-the-top, grandiose claims of greatness, and with just the right amount of old-school style.

“Through and through, Bona Fide is transparent, honest, and everything I do is in “good faith” which is what the latin phrase bona fide means. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” (Luis, founder of Bona Fide Pomades, quoted from Bona Fide's website).

Bona Fide also puts out great content through their blog, including styling guides and artist features. For example, this video on “How to Side-Part Hair Using Some Water and a Regular A** Comb” is a great place to start


Products Overview

All of Bona Fide’s pomades have a characteristic, yet subtle, citrus-sweet smell when you open the jar. The whole line is water-based and non-greasy, so they can be reactivated to adjust your hairstyle midday with a splash of water or a wet comb. Speaking of combs, they make an “unbreakable” pocket comb that is perfect for on-the-fly adjustments, and you can sit on it (seriously, try it out. It just bends)! They also make a sturdy 8” tortoiseshell comb with a variable teeth sizing and spacing for all the Rodins in the readership.

From effortless bed-head to sharp as a knife side parts to blown-out pompadours, Bona Fide has your product needs covered. Getting the right pomade for the job is important, so Bona Fide has provided a quick and easy guide to their products based on the look you’re going for:

  • Matte Paste

    • Water-based

    • Pliable/strong hold

    • Matte finish

    • Best for textured looks with a matte finish

  • Fiber Pomade

    • Water-based

    • Medium/pliable hold

    • Medium shine

    • Best for textured/bedhead looks

  • Superior Hold

    • Water-based

    • Strong hold

    • High Shine

    • Best for clean & neat looks

  • “Super” Superior Hold

    • Water-based

    • Strongest hold!

    • High shine

    • Best for thick/unruly hair, clean & neat looks

  • Texture Spray

    • Water-based

    • Light to strong hold

    • Medium to high shine

    • Best for clean/neat & textured looks

All-told, our experience with Bona Fide Pomades products has been nothing short of a dream. We can happily say the same of their customer service; Bona Fide’s team was personable and exceptionally easy to work with. These are people and products we are happy to support and have in our shop! So, how about it? Will you join us and “wear the crown”?