Northwest Beard Supply, Brand Profile

The name Portland Shave Shop might imply deference towards the clean-shaven, but make no mistake: we are here to supply and support our bearded brethren! We looked far and wide for the best products to nourish and maintain a majestic beard. In reality, some of the best products in the world were being made right here in our Northwestern backyard! Not only that, they were solving real problems here in our beloved city and abroad. We are proud to be working with Northwest Beard Supply to bring you all of your beard-care necessities, and in support of causes that make a difference.

What is Northwest Beard Supply?

Northwest Beard Supply is a local company with a very straightforward and powerful mission statement: “Hand-crafted premium beard essentials, made in the USA. We aren’t your typical bro-talk grooming company. We give a $#&% about real problems.” Their product line is straightforward and effective, featuring three Portland-area-inspired aromas in both beard oils and beard balms. One dollar of every sale goes to organizations fighting local homelessness and global sex slavery.

Products Overview

Northwest Beard Supply believes (as do we) in the quality that small-batch processing and all-natural ingredients delivers. They make both beard oils and beard balms using natural oils, butters, and bases. Their fragrance line is limited to three Portland-inspired scents: Skyline, Columbia, and Bainbridge.

Skyline is their staple scent, with strong notes of sage, vanilla, cedar wood, patchouli, and a little lemon. Inspired by the area along Skyline boulevard, this scent evokes an Eastern Oregon/high mountain desert feel, and is very balanced. This is their most popular scent and we fully endorse it for everyday use.

Columbia has more of a citrus base with similar woodsy cedar and patchouli notes. It is quite a bit sweeter and lighter than Skyline. The citrus adds a brightness that makes it hold down the fort for those who enjoy a good zest.

For the lumberjack stuck in an IT job, Bainbridge smells like the best parts of going camping. It has a heavier aroma with the addition of pine, cedarwood, and that slightly-sweet campfire smell. Northwest Beard Supply describes it as the “quintessential NW scent,” and we have to agree!

Beard Oil vs Beard Balm?

The main difference in this case is consistency and hold. The beard oils are more readily absorbed and feel incredible on your skin; some users even continue applying it after going clean-shaven! The beard balms do more for frizz control and acts as a leave-in conditioner for your whiskers. Northwest Beard Supply even recommends doubling up for folks who have especially coarse, curly, or uncomfortable beard growth.

We find that both the beard oils and beard balms by Northwest Beard Supply have some additional staying power over other brands we have tried, and I might attribute this to the use of more generous carrier oils. This means that you can count on using less throughout the day, making their 1oz bottles go farther (6-10 weeks).

Northwest Beard Supply is a thoughtful, quality local brand with a clear message, delightful fragrance, and all-around quality products. Having the opportunity to reach out to Northwest Beard Supply and meet with them in person only made us more smitten with their top-shelf products. A company of great people with new ideas and a whole lot of drive is exactly the company we love to represent on our shelves!  You can find their products in our website and in-store at Portland Shave Shop!