The Executive Straight Shave

The Executive Straight Shave is a full hour of individual attention with a skilled barber. The shave includes numerous soothing hot towel treatments to help hydrate and soften the hairs, followed by an aromatic, handmade lather using a natural shave soap with essential oils. Finally, the straight razor is stropped and cleaned prior to shaving. The blades we use are handcrafted for us by Portland Razor Co specifically for barbers' use.

Luxurious and timeless, the Executive Straight Shave is a unique opportunity to unplug and enjoy the time-honored tradition of skilled barbing. 

Portland Shave Shop is one of only a few barbershops in North America currently specializing in shaves using traditional straight razors. We find these blades provide a superior shave while also being non-disposable, making them a green alternative to modern disposable blades. Most barbers are taught in school to use disposable razors for their convenience and ease of sanitation, but we find this process wasteful and unnecessary. With a little guidance and training by Portland Razor Co staff, our experienced barbers have come to prefer traditional straight razors over disposables, as they provide more tactile and audible feedback during the shave--that is, they "feel" more through the razor and can adjust their technique more readily.

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