Shear Sharpening Service

Are your shears not cutting like they used to? You can bring your tools to Portland Shave Shop to be sharpened while you wait, or you can mail them in to us. Barbershops and Salons in the Portland, OR area may also schedule a House Call for sharpening services to be performed by a Portland Razor Co. bladesmith at your shop!

What Can Be Sharpened:

  • If there is any doubt as to whether or not your shears can be sharpened, please contact us before purchasing a Sharpening Service.

  • We can sharpen/hone any shears in good condition and made by a reputable manufacturer, both beveled edge (German-style) and convex grind (Japanese-style).


  • Your shears will be thoroughly inspected for tension, alignment, grind, and wear & tear. If it has any harmful surface rust, we will oil it and buff out the rust before sharpening; rust which has caused deep pitting cannot be removed and can negatively affect your shears' performance.

  • Edges with uneven wear, dings or chips may require some reshaping and we will do our best to remove the minimum amount of material required to restore the edge.

  • Shears will be tensioned optimally for contact between the blades.

  • Replacement parts (washers, bearings, finger rests, rings etc) are provided at-cost; we do not charge additional service fees for replacement and installation

  • Your shears will be sharpened by hand on traditional Japanese waterstones. The type and quality of scissor determine how fine a grit we use (usually 1k to 12K grit). No mechanized sharpeners will be used.

  • Once the shears are cutting and pass inspection, they will be sanitized and oiled with camelia oil before packing for return shipping.

*We do our best to research and match the honing practices of the original manufacturer. Please be familiar with your manufacturer's warranty and repairs policy before sending your shears to us.

Cost & Turn Around:

Inspections to determine whether or not your shears can be serviced are free.

Honing service is $35 per pair of shears.

When shears are ready for pick-up we will notify you by phone or email. Service will be completed in 1-5 business days, usually next day turn around is possible upon request.